Download DSi SD – How To Download Unlimited DSi Game Onto A SD Card And Play It On Your DSi Handhe

Published: 20th May 2010
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Searching for a source that provides DSi game for download online legally? Did you know that it is possible to download DSi games, transfer onto a SD card and play on your DS handheld instantly? It is possible to play the downloadable dsi game on a SD card by following a few simple ways. This article will show how to download dsi game online and transfer them onto a SD card.

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First you need a source that provide dsi game download, visit Download DSi Game Site, it required a membership status to access the database to download dsi games, movies, music, TV Shows and software. You can register with the site instantly.

The Download DSi SD source has two membership options. A 6 month membership period available at $29.95, which allow you to access the database for 6 months time and you need to renew it when reached the due date. The second one is a life-time membership which offers unlimited access to the database without expiration date. That's mean you can access the database for life time and download whatever DSi game you want. The database is update regularly with the newest and latest dsi games so you wouldn't miss a single title.

Once you have became a member of the site, access to the database and download your favorite dsi game files. Once you have them on your computer, you need to unzip them with a program known as winrar or winzip. After you have unzipped the dsi game file, insert the SD card with your computer, open the SD card's folder and transfer the dsi game files onto the SD card by copy and paste.

Once you have the dsi game files transferred onto your SD card, insert it with a card reader known as R4i with your DSi handheld. You can purchase R4i at any local game store or online with Amazon for less than $10. This should bring up the screen on your console, choose the downloaded dsi game file or either files that you have transferred to your SD card. This is the download DSi SD.

You should now be able to enjoy your favorite dsi game on your handheld. For more information about "download DSI SD" visit DSi game download site.

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